They're HERE!!! T-Shirts!!!

        Hey, VaccineHoax fans!  Get your stylish contrarian T-shirt.   

Let the world know you are not fooled by the Global Governance (UN Corporate Communist Dictatorship), Medical Mafia, Bill Gates Mark of the Beast System to enslave us with their nanobot dreknology.

                   A real conversation starter wherever you go!

Donate $20 per shirt.  Sizes available: L, XL, XXL

Send check or money order to ANP POB 411373 Chicago IL 60641

                                Donations accepted also. 

Help us fight against the global diktatorship of Frankensteins and Despots, otherwise known as the United Nations, Klaus Schwab's GLOBAL RESET, or the Military/Industrial/Media/Medical complex of corporate magnates (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, NGO's, banksters and gangsters in pin-striped suits), plus their liberal zombie antichrist followers, who all worship the Beast of Revelation, the Empire of Merchants of Mystery Babylon.