Our goal is to educate the public about the massive fraud that is the vaccine industry.  Expose's of how Big Pharma injures, defrauds, kills and corrupts with vaccines and other dangerous drugs will grace the pages of Vaccinehoax.com.  Please share this information with as many people as possible.  Their lives may depend upon it. 

GET INVOLVED NOW!!!  We've finished BETA TESTING our street campaign against the 666 NEW WORLD ORDER's Covid 19 HOAX AGENDA.   We're out on the streets during rush hours 5 days a week and during the weekends in high traffic areas around the Chicago area.  Covid 19 HOAX VACCINE TIME is rapidly approaching.  WE NEED YOU on the streets all around the nation now against this agenda.  We always receive a majority positive response from the people who pass our signs.  The SHEEPLE KNOW SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG!!!  


Vaccine.com Public Awareness Street Campaign


The reaction our street activism is receiving from the thousands and thousands of cars passing our HUGE VACCINE HOAX SIGN has been impressive to say the least.  PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THIS COVID 19 HOAX AGENDA and are positively responding as they pass us by during numerous rush hours.  


PLEASE MAIL your EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK and tell all your contacts about www.vaccinehoax.com.  DO THIS BY TITLING your email "50 MILLION MAY DIE FROM THE COVID 19 VACCINE" and then include this site's URL in the text of the email.  ALSO, ask your contacts to DO THE SAME TO THEIR CONTACTS if they like and agree with the content of this site.   WE NEED TO SPREAD THIS SITE'S MESSAGE ON THE COVID 19 HOAX AGENDA FAR AND WIDE NOW!!! 


We welcome you to copy our above sign and display it at a busy intersection near you on a LONE WOLF BASIS, preferably right off an interstate highway where the traffic will be HUGE during RUSH HOURS.  We've been going out during the hours of between 4/6 PM on such an intersection in our area and have been generating thousands of hits to this site and receiving significant support from autos passing us by.  Many, many individuals appear to be SICK and TIRED of this current COVID 19 HOAX AGENDA being imposed on this nation after 4 1/2 months of experiencing life under it, and are now very weary of this agenda and questioning it's purpose and authenticity.

We recommend TO YOU as a vaccinehoax.com DISCLAIMER the following PROTESTING EDICATE/PROCEDURES that WE FOLLOW and have worked well for us, "SO FAR" in our current Public Awareness Campaign, but GUARANTEE YOU NOTHING if you decide to engage in the same type of activism we are currently engaged in: 

We at vaccine Hoax.com hold NO RESPONSIBILITY/ARE NOT LIABLE,  FOR ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL ACTIONS/LANGUAGE while protesting nor are RESPONSIBLE/LIABLE FOR ANY TYPE OF INCIDENTS(VIOLENT/NON-VIOLENT), THAT MAY HAPPEN TO YOU/OCCUR, while protesting and are only providing you with a website URL and sample sign to promote in order to RALLY the MASSES to our cause.  

#1.  Set up on an area of the intersection where you're not blocking any sidewalks with your sign or can easily move the sign to allow free passage.  Setting up on a grassy area on a corner of the intersection where there are no sidewalks or where you are off any sidewalks is preferable.

#2.  DO NOT ARGUE WITH/RESPOND TO ANYBODY WHO PASSES BY AND YELLS AT YOU OR DISPLAYS A LEWD GESTURE TOWARDS YOU!!!  JUST IGNORE THEM!!!!  This is going to happen to you.  Not everybody agrees with our opinions on this Covid 19 issue.  Some individuals simply don't like to see others protesting.  AGAIN, SIMPLY IGNORE ALL ANTI'S and DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR OPINIONS or GESTURES TOWARDS YOU.  ANTI's have a right to offer their opinions to you/about you, and in just about 100% of the cases, they will just continue to drive on, after doing so.

#3.  Bring a video camera with you or have a good video option on your cell phone.

​#4. Try not to protest alone, but we have been doing so and have had no problems.  If you make 2 signs and have a partner to protest with, you can cover BOTH SIDES of the street going in both directions and get our message out to 2 TIMES the passing auto's.

#5.  In the unfortunate event of some type of confrontation other than a calm verbal debate, we recommend to immediately start videoing, inform the offending party that they ARE NOT THE THOUGHT POLICE and that you'll be calling the police.  RETREAT AT ALL TIMES AND GET IT ALL ON VIDEO to show the police if called.  Hopefully this scenario will never ever happen to you.  There's no langauge on the above vacineHoax.com  sample sign that should set any rational civilized person off against you, but ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE OUT THERE ON THE STREET WHILE PROTESTING. SO FAR, we at vaccineHoax.com have NOT EXPERIENCED any such experience/development while protesting with the above sample sign but CANNOT GUARANTEE TO YOU, such an experience/development, will NOT HAPPEN TO YOU.  YOU ARE A LONE WOLF ON YOUR OWN and "ARE NOT PART of any vaccineHoax.com GROUP or ORGANIZATION, because NO SUCH GROUP/ORGANIZATION EXITS".  AGAIN, DO NOT RESPOND NOR ARGUE with any ANTI's that pass you by.  You have a 1st. AMENDMENT RIGHT to be out there protesting, BUT THE ANTI's ALSO have a 1st. AMENDMENT RIGHT to offer their opinions to you/about you.

#6.  Purchase a sports helmet new or used with a face shield attached to it.  Carry it to the protest venue and have it near you.  In the event that someone approaches you that appears to disagree or be hostile, PUT IT ON IMMEDIATELY!!!  That helmet in itself will give any hostile individual second thoughts on anything other than a peaceful debate with you on the issues.  WE GO OUT WITH HELMETS and haven't put them on 1 time but it's there just in case.  

#7.  FOLLOW THE ORDERS THAT ANY POLICE OFFICER GIVES YOU EVEN IF IT VIOLATES YOUR RIGHTS AND IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  You can always file a complaint or sue.  DON'T GET ARRESTED.  1 can always just jump in the car and move to another protest location in another jurisdiction.  DON'T ARGUE WITH THE POLICE.

#8.  ABOVE ALL, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE when picking the venues/intersection corners/busy streets that you choose to protest on/at.  YOU KNOW WHO LIVES AROUND YOUR AREA and what takes place around it.  If your area is a hot bed of leftist activity, by all means, DO NOT PROTEST AROUND IT!!!  Take a drive to an area that you deem safe and feel comfortable in and if that's not an option, FORGET ABOUT PROTESTING PERIOD.  Participate in our EMAIL ACTIVISM PLAN that is described above instead.  It's a huge nation with unlimited places to participate in this activism we have outlined, BUT SOME AREAS ARE NO GO ZONES and this should be OBVIOUS TO ALL.

AND FINALLY, WE AT VACCINEHOAX.COM, "DO NOT SUPPORT, NOR ADVOCATE", any types of VIOLENCE, ILLEGALITY, INCITEMENT to VIOLENCE or ILLEGALITY, PERIOD, in any instances, while protesting or at any other times.  

WE at vaccineHoax.com support ONLY 1ST. AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH and DO NOT CONDONE/SUPPORT ANY TYPES OF VIOLENCE or VIOLENT PROTEST or VIOLENT CONFRONTATIONS while protesting at all.  PROTEST PEACEFULLY AND RESPONSIVELY and 100% AVOID CONFRONTATIONS by following the above PROTESTING EDICATE/PROCEDURES which have "worked well for us SO FAR at vaccineHoax.com", but "GUARANTEES YOU NOTHING if you decide to participate in the same type of activism we are engaged in."  




Orthodox Jews Protesting in Brooklyn After Cuomo Orders Synagogues to be Closed!!! 


Vaccine.com "IS NOT A GROUP or ORGANIZATION".  We're a WEBSITE promoting PUBLIC AWARENESS on the issue of the upcoming COVID 19 HOAX VACCINE/COVID 19 HOAX AGENDA, which is being used to usher in the era of 666 NEW WORLD ORDER WORLDWIDE POLICE STATE GOVERNMENT.  This WORLDWIDE GOVERNMENT will be headquartered in Jerusalem. The UN in NYC will play an important role in administering this WORLDWIDE HIGH TECH TYRANNY also.